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Windows Live Setup

To setup Windows Live to send and recieve mail follow the procedure below.

  • First you will want to click on the “Menus” button. A drop down menu will appear.

    Step 1
  • In the drop down menu you will next need to click on “Show menu bar”.

    Step 2

  • After you click on “Show menu bar” the menu buttons File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Actions, and Help will appear.

    Step 3

  • You will need to click on “Tools” where a new drop down menu will appear. In this new menu click on “Accounts”.

    Step 4

  • A new window will now appear where you will want to click the “Add” button.

    Step 5
  1. Now another new window will open where you will want to click once on “E-mail Account”. Then click “Next” in the lower right hand corner.

    Step 6
  • Now in the first box you will want to type your full e-mail address like in the example.  Then type your password in the next text box.  In the third text box type the name you want to be shown on your account, this is generally your first and last names. Now click “Next”.

    Step 7

  • In this window the incoming mail server should be set to “POP3”. The incoming mail server should be Next you will want to put your full e-mail address in the text box under “Login ID”. The outgoing server will be the same as the incoming server

    Step 8

  • You are almost done. Make certain that the check box in the lower left corner is checked, and then you can click “Finish”.

    Step 9


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