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Netscape Communicator Setup

To setup Netscape Communicator to send and recieve mail follow the procedure below.

  • First launch the your Netscape application.
  • Move your cursor up to Edit and then select Preferences from the pulldown menu.

  • Expand the Mail and Newgroups choice from the left menu by double-clicking on it.
  • Select Identity and type in your user name and e-mail address.

  • Next, select Mail Servers fromthe left hand menu.
  • For the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server type
  • If something is listed under Incoming Mail Servers, click on it and select Delete Confrim the
    deletion by saying OK to the dialogoue box that pops up. Next, or if there is no server listed, select

  • For the Server Name enter
  • For the Server Type select POP3 Server
  • For the User Name enter your full email address
  • Check the Remember Password box if you would like Netscape to save you password
    so you wouldn't have to enter it every time.
  • Click OK

  • Click OK again at the Preferences screen.

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